Quick start

First launch

After its first start, the service is available on port 7134 at the following URL http://localhost:7134/. Following its first launch, serposcope creates the database in the data directory and ask you to create the first administrator account. You will be able to create more users later.


Although optional, it is advised to configure an external service to handle the captchas. Create an account at your favorite provider and specify its credentials in serposcope settings (top menu > settings > general).

This service automatically breaks captchas Google could show if you send too much request too quickly and exceed its rate limit.

If you plan to use serposcope on a server, you can configure CRON on the same page. CRON allows you to specify at which hour of the day serposcope will automatically check your ranking every day.

Still in the administration panel, check Google settings. If you use serposcope from time to time on a desktop computer, you may want to lower the pause between each request to Google in order to speed up the checking process.

Also, you can specify the default search settings on this panel. These settings can be redefined individually for each checked keywords (see below). For example, if you plan to check most of your keywords on www.google.fr domain, it could be useful to define fr for the TLD options.


The proxy section of the administration panel allows you to add proxies and IP bound to your server. By default, if you don't specify any proxy, serposcope will use the default IP of the server. When at least one proxy is configured, serposcope won't use the default server IP anymore, unless it is explicitly configured.

Group and searches

After the configuration step, you can create your first group (top menu > groups > new group).

Now, select this new created group on the groups page or on the left panel. You can add a few searches by click the button "add search".

On the same page, you can click on "add website" in order to add the websites you want to track rankings. You can still add these websites later : serposcope automatically track the positions of all the websites found in the search engine result pages.

Check the positions

Now everything is configured, click "check ranks" in the top menu. You can check the progress of the task in the log panel of the administration area.