Frequently Asked Questions

What is the serposcope default port ?

Serposcope create a web service running on port 7134. Use your browser and go to the following url :

How to upgrade serposcope ?

Before any upgarde, backup your database using the backup feature of the admin panel or by copying the data directory (see below).

Then just install over previous serposcope install.

How to access/dump the embedded database via SQL ?

You can backup and restore the database from the admin panel.

Serposcope use h2 database (you can also use mysql), you can find tools and documentation to access the database on their website. The database is stored in the datadir, you can do a backup by copying the file when serposcope if shutdown.

How to reset my admin password ?

In case of lost password, you must create a file named password-reset.txt (lowercase) in the serposcope datadir.

  • Ubuntu/debian /var/lib/serposcope/password-reset.txt
  • Windows C:\ProgramData\serposcope\password-reset.txt
  • Other OS/jar version in your serposcope user folder /Users/bob/serposcope/password-reset.txt or /home/bob/serposcope/password-reset.txt

Read the documentation about the datadir, or try to locate your logs on the file system, and search for the following string : serposcope.datadir

Where are the run logs ?

You can access the logs from serposcope in the admin panel > logs. Read about the datadir to get logs from file system.

Serposcope is slow, how to make it faster ?

  • Reduce/disable the pause between each request to Google in google network options.
  • Use a bigger results per page and a smaller number of pages in google scrap options (it may slightly alter the rankings).
  • Adding more ips/proxies on proxy settings.
  • Specify maximum threads in google scrap options to enable multithreading

Notes about multithreading : serposcope doesn't use the same proxy in multiple thread, so number of threads is capped by number of proxy you provide.

How many keywords serposcope can check ?

There is no limit, we did benchmarks with 100 000 keywords. However, if you start to check more than a few thousand keywords, we recommend using a MySQL database.

How to use MySQL with serposcope ?

If you want to use MySQL instead of the embedded database, it is possible. You just need to tell serposcope to use MySQL in serposcope.conf (check advanced configuration), directive example :


Serposcope will automatically create the tables and populate the database.

Backups done from the admin panel are compatible on both H2 and MySQL. You can use these backups to migrate from MySQL to H2 or vice versa.

How to avoid proxy blacklist/eviction ?

Serposcope temporary drops your proxy if it is blacklisted by Google, or, if Google shows a captcha and no captcha service is configured. What you can do :

  • Configure a captcha service.
  • Increase the pause in google scrap options.
  • Add more proxy and more failover IP.
  • Decrease number of pages, increase number of result per page.

How to handle captchas ?

If you do too much request too quickly with the same IP, the following messages may appear in your logs : ERROR_CAPTCHA_NO_SOLVER. You can set up an external service to resolve the captcha, serposcope supports the following providers :

Since version 2.5.0 you can configure severals services simultaneously. If a service were to be unaivalable, Serposcope automatically switch to another provider. We recommend you configure at least two providers including (the only one to handle the new Google captchas Recaptcha v2 / NoCaptcha).

We will include more provider in a near future.

How is computer the score ?

Each ranked keywords increase the score regarding its ranking. The final score is an average of each keywords score, the score is between 1 and 100.

rank #1 = 100 points
rank #2 = 90 points
rank #3 = 80 points
rank #4-#5 = 70 points
rank #6-#10 = 60 points
rank #11-#20 = 40 points
rank #21-#30 = 30 points
rank #31-#50 = 20 points
rank #51-#100 = 10 points
rank #100+ = 5 points
unranked = 0 points

It is experimental and subject to change. We are open to any suggestion.

I did install serposcope but nothing happens

Serposcope create a web service running on port 7134. Use your browser and go to the following url :

If you can't access the service, first check your logs folder for error messages (check install instructions to find the logs). Open the most recent log, should be named with current day in this format 2010-10-20.log.

On windows, check first logs locates in logs folder of serposcope datadir, there are other logs named commons-daemon.2010-10-20.log but they provided little information, they aren't serposcope main logs.

If serposcope doesn't launch at all without any error messages and without any messages in the log, you are probably missing java or not using a recent enough version (require java 1.8).

Error address already in use

You already have a software listening on port 7134, use the netstat commands to locate the software. You can change the serposcope default port in serposcope.conf.

This error may also happen if you run multiple instances of serposcope at once.

Error serposcope-2.0.0.jar (No such file or directory)

This error happens if you deleted serposcope.jar while running serposcope.

Exception java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError : Unsupported major.minor version 52.0

This error happens when Java is not up to date. Serposcope requires java > 1.8.

To verify java version, execute java -version :

admin@localhost:~$ java -version
java version "1.8.0_66"